Repost: E3 2010: Nyko

I ventured into Nyko’s booth during E3 not really knowing what to expect from the accessory maker. Since they make accessories for pretty much every system, what would they want to show during the event?

It was something I wasn’t expecting: the PlayStation 3 Raven controller.

The Raven is a wireless motion controller that features a unified surface for gripping. I’m not sure if it’s actually a rubber because it was soft even though it was easy to keep a firm grip on the controller. While it doesn’t feature Bluetooth connectivity, it does use wireless via a dongle that connects through a USB port. It does feature a lith-ion rechargeable battery and supports motion control and vibration.

Nyko is also releasing an alternate Raven controller layout that mimics the Xbox 360 controller. It looks like it functions well, but without actually using either controller, I couldn’t say either way if these controllers would be worth it. They are cheaper than the official PS3 controller and there is also a lite version that doesn’t include motion control or vibration for a much cheaper price.