Repost: E3 2010: Sega

I saw a lot of titles during my booth tour of Sega’s upcoming titles. Here is the rundown with as much information as I could squeeze.

Sonic 4 Episode 1 is the proper sequel of the Sega Genesis title in the form of episodic content. Releasing on Nintendo Wii, XBLA, and PSN, along with iPod/iPhone, the title is a high-res version that will return to the 2D feel of the previous title. It looks and plays like the Sonic‘s before it on the 16-bit system and should return the fun as well.

Sonic Colors is a Nintendo Wii title that returns to the 2D gameplay while bringing in some pseudo-3D views. Adding color specific powers, the title looks amazing on the console. Watching the demo, Wii owners will appreciate the release of this title.

Sonic Freeriders is a Kincet motion title that features Sonic characters riding hoverboards around. Using the motion control, players will jump and move around levels to collect coins.

Conduit 2 might be a sequel to the previous title, but the developers listened to community feedback and have updated everything about the title and made it much more accessible. Crisp visuals and Motion Control Plus make the title move with smooth motion and surprisingly the title has some of the best graphics that I’ve ever seen on the Wii.

Vanquish kicked my ass when I tried the demo. The constant need to move from cover to cover and watching the attacks of enemies is paramount to remaining alive. The combat is so quick that combat has to become second nature to accomplish the levels. While I played pretty poorly at the start, watching others who became accustomed to the combat created an impressive display of what the title will have to offer.

Tournament of Legends is a Wii motion fighting title. Honestly, it feels weak because attacks are waving the Remote and Nunchuk around to attack. Moving with the controllers felt a little weak because the attacks are all based on waving the two remotes around. It could be good with all the characters, but as it is now, it’s kind of boring.

Yakuza 4 is amazing. More of the same of Yakuza 3 but featuring four different characters and a continuation of the story.

Phantasy Star Online is a PSP title supporting four player multiplayer over ad-hoc and wifi. Lots of potential for dungeon crawler fans especially being able to play with friends.

Valkyria 2 is more of the same on PSP, but still amazing because it’s the same RTS feel on a portable system.

I’ll be updating more once I get more thoughts on all the titles. I will be going back to get more hands-on before E3 is over.