Repost: E3 2010: SouthPeak Games

SouthPeak Games invited me to see their booth today and I saw two titles proper, Nail’d and Two Worlds II.

Nail’d was previewed for me a couple months back so I knew most of the information on the title. For the hands-on, I came to realize that everything I was told about the title, it mainly being an arcade type ATV/Motocross Cycle racing title were true.

Playing through the same desert canyon level I was shown before, the racing action of the title is apparent. Even though the title features a brake, it wasn’t needed during the demo track. By using boost, huge airs are gained and it is even possible to overshoot parts of the track.

Wipeouts flow into slo-motion crashes where the playable ATV breaks into pieces. I’m sure some of the flow of the title was made for the demo, but overall it might not be true to realism, but the sheer fun of it is huge.

The other title was Two Worlds II, the sequel to the original that is now releasing on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Even though it is a 25-30 hour single player quest, it does feature 5-7 hours of co-op along with PvP online action. Overall, the title should have about 50 hours of gameplay through the various modes. One of the most standout points of the title is the magic system that uses cards. A tiered system of levels of cards which are collected throughout the title, the ability to chain different styles together creates an interesting strategic system. Flowing from a basic elemental attack and ending at a summon is a bit strange, but the possibilities open up for a huge amount of different combinations.

While I mainly saw SouthPeak Games for Nail’d, which I’m looking forward to when it releases Q4 this year, Two Worlds II could be an interesting entry back into the RPG genre.