Repost: E3 2010: Tecmo Koei

Tecmo Koei had some of the titles that I wanted to see the most during the show. Seeing Quantum Theory last year in a roughly 40% completion to its current state, which is close to completion was a great experience. Warriors: Legends of Troy was a title that I wasn’t familiar with, but I was looking forward to Fist of the North Star.

Starting with Quantum Theory, this long in-development title has had a lot going against it. Similar title comparisons, even though it’s an Eastern take on Western gaming, Quantum Theory feels right and wrong. The main character stumbles around, except when dashing towards cover and aiming still felt a little loose.

The title does look impressive, but I do think that there needs to be some more polish. Enemy AI was less than intelligent and I get this feeling that the title is a bit unfocused. Though the base of the title is locked down, I think that the polish will help it out.

The ability to switch weapons on the fly helps, but the precise aiming necessary is difficult when locating the head of an enemy is more random than specific. I’m holding my breath with Quantum Theory because it could be good or it could suffer.

A title that I didn’t notice was Warriors: Legends of Troy. Following the ten year battle at the city of Troy, players will fight on both sides and experience the dual perspectives. With six announced characters and more to come in the future, the demo featured Achilles. Dressed in Greek armor, complete with sword and shield, I mowed through what would amount to peasants with farm tools against a tank.

Expect lots of blood with Warriors: Legends of Troy as each throw of the sword killed these smaller enemies with one blow. Higher leveled enemies carried shields and had admirable attack sets, but all fell in a haze of blood.

The demo ended with a battle between Apollo and Achilles, going to a tier system of weakening the God who had taken form in a statue. The main lag for this battle was the quick-time event before finishing the God off because the action on screen looked frail and lacking the intensity of the action during regular battles.

Warriors: Legends of Troy is one to keep an eye out for because the other characters could add a lot of different gameplay variations.

The final title was Fist of the North Star. Plainly, the title is button masher that knows to not be serious. Considering the source material, the title parallels and mimics the title where it needs to and works better than the Dynasty Warrior base that it pulls from. Attacks range from short to strong, but the animations and power moves are so over-the-top that it becomes funny.

The demo I played through was based in a demolished temple, and contained a motorcycle and horse to ride, through besides allowing for slightly quicker movement, they don’t seem to affect gameplay. Since it features the same engine as Dynasty Warriors, there are a lot of enemies on-screen, but the tweaks in the engine bring the manga characters to a great 3D image.

Tecmo Koei has a lot to offer and these three titles I saw all have a common theme, being third person, but focus on very different aspects of the genres.