Repost: E3 2010: Venan Entertainment

I stopped by Venan Entertainment in the indie games area of e3 to see what updates that the team were doing on Ninjatown: Trees of Doom. They told me that a native iPad version was in the works and I saw a build of the title with higher res visuals. The title didn’t look much different, though the visuals looked a lot better than a double sized iPod/iPhone version.

They were also working on another update for the title which would feature a pencil drawn black and white style and a timed climb mode. Every 100 meters climbed would increase the clock and players couldn’t be knocked down by enemies and environment damage, but the clock would lose five seconds.

With the same gameplay, the title keeps adding more content for a great title. The update should be coming out in the next month and the ipad version is releasing in a couple months as well. They were unsure of the iPad price point and were thinking of releasing the title for all platforms at one price point.