Repost: PopTag!: The Most Mini-Game

Nexon America’s PopTag! is probably the most similar title for most of the United States social gaming titles. Another diverging title from the company’s other MMORPG offerings, PopTag! still garners a lot of attention from players online. With its familiar gameplay to the Bomberman style gameplay, it illustrates Nexon America’s dedication to exploring the other facets of how the free-to-play genre can be presented.

PopTag! Associate Producer Jacob Zabie was nice enough to answer my questions on the title.

GotGame: PopTag! like Combat Arms is a title different from the previous MMORPG titles from Nexon America. Was the plan to market towards more casual players?

Zabie: Nexon America hosts a diverse catalogue of games, ranging from casual to more hardcore. PopTag! falls on the more casual end of the spectrum, providing game play that is easy to jump into and just as easy to enjoy a passionate experience playing it. It is targeted at all players, from the casual gamer, to the hardcore gamers looking for a quick and fun game to play.

GotGame: PopTag! features a gameplay style similar to other games in the same genre, but with different modes. While the standard multiplayer gameplay mode is present, how did the other game modes come about?

Zabie: PopTag!’s most famous game mode is its PvP Mode where players compete against each other, playing either solo or in teams, trying to trap opponents in bubbles and popping them to eliminate them from the game. However, there are many different modes available in PopTag!, including Revival Mode and two types of PvE – Monster and Battle Modes.

These modes were added to the game to provide players different gameplay experiences in our casual game. Easy to learn, but hard to master, PopTag! provides endless amounts of fun and entertainment, especially with the different game modes.

GotGame: Of all of Nexon America’s titles, PopTag! looks like it would do the best on social networking sites or even as an iPad title. Are there any plans to push the title to different avenues?

Zabie: As a company, we’re always looking to expand into different avenues. PopTag!, like the rest of our games, provides a low barrier of entry and that has been the core of our business. Although we’ve looked into pushing PopTag! onto different platforms, we have no immediate plans at this time.

GotGame: PopTag! also appears to be the most casual of Nexon America’s titles, how does microtransaction items come into play?

Zabie: PopTag! has a lot of great purchasable options that enhance the gameplay experience. In PopTag!, players go to the “Pop Shop” to buy items. The items are broken down to two basic categories: game items and decorative items.

Game items include things like items the player can actively use, such as Needles which save a player’s life by breaking them out of a bubble. Like all our other games, players can enjoy the game without purchasing anything, as they can acquire items through daily giveaways and accumulation of in-game currency, Lucci.

GotGame: Is PopTag! a precursor to future casual titles from Nexon America? Since it features one type of game and there are other more casual titles that could be applied? I can imagine these titles being in-between games before or after some of the other titles that Nexon America offers.

Zabie: Nexon plans to grow its catalogue of games and is already continuing to do so with the upcoming launch of Vindictus later this year and Dragon Nest next year. At this time, it is undetermined which types of games will be published by Nexon later in the future, but they will be quality games.

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Thanks to Associate Producer Jacob Zabie for answering my questions about PopTag!. More information can be found here.