Repost: Sony PlayStation Game Developers Conference 2010 Press Event Recap

Just came back home after spending most of the afternoon and evening at the Sony Press Event and God of War Media Event.

Sony spent the press conference showing off their new controller peripheral that was rumored for some time now. Moving forward with motion control and in some ways copying the Nintendo Wii’s large advantage in motion gaming, Sony announced their new controller designated: PlayStation Move.

The previously leaked patent documents were pretty close with the actual design of the product which is essentially two sticks with spheres on the end that light up along with a streamlined PlayStation controller.

At approximately, 4:00 PM PST, Shuhei Yoshida walked on the stage and thanked the press for attending the event and introduced the PlayStation Move. Next, Senior Vice President of Marketing and the PlayStation Network Peter Dille came to the stage and explained many of the technical aspects of the controller. The main point was that it used “centrific” technology to track the controller to provide its accuracy.

He then noted that PlayStation has had the Game of the Year, two years in a row with Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2. Then he jabbed with the fact that PlayStation was the only console to have worldwide growth last year. After highlighting the 2010 Spring titles that are already selling lots of copies, he mentioned some upcoming titles like Mod Nation Racers, Gran Turismo 5 (Dille announced that it was releasing this year to laughter of attending press), and Socom 4.

Dille then commented on how the PlayStation Move would retail for under $100, though he didn’t mention the exact price. He also talked about two bundles designed around the PlayStation Move.

Standard Kit – PS Eye, Move controller, game
Move Bundle – PS3 Console, PS Eye, Move controller, game

No prices were given for these bundles though they would be available Fall 2010.

After Dille was Scott Rohde, Vice President of Worldwide Studios who demoed some titles for the PlayStation Move.

All titles are tentative (except the obvious ones).

Sports Champions

Gladiator Duel – using the PlayStation Move and sub-controller, players can use a shield and weapon and engage in one-on-one battles. A little slow, Gladiator Duel was still pre-alpha, but showed potential.

Table Tennis – with only the Playstation Move controller. The amount of precise tracking and detection of the Move was impressive. Different types of shots are possible depending on how the ball is hit through the controller.

Move Party
A party game containing a lot of different mini-games all using the PlayStation Move to perform different tasks. It looked interesting, but only in a group would it be fun. Though the PS Eye takes a picture of each player before the title starts.

Little Big Planet with PlayStation Move
Adding secondary assistance in the title, puzzles can use the motion tracking of the Move to help in solving levels.

Motion Fighter- A next generation looking third person fighting game. It reminded me of Punch-Out with better graphics. This was also pre-alpha, but looked impressive in the early stage so it’s one to keep a watch on.

Socom 4
Socom 4 was used as an example of how easy it was to implement the PlayStation Move software into a title. The game is still in development and looks like it uses some of the MAG assets, but the control that was shown is amazing. By using two Move controllers, the camera and aiming reticule were used in tandem with surprising accuracy. I’m not sure if it will work out entirely, but right now it looked like it could blow the Nintendo Wii’s tracking out of the water.

The only announced accessory is the secondary sub-controller that will enable the games that require two Move trackers.

That was the end of the press conference and then Sony provided demo stations for some of the titles. After viewing the games up close, I think the PlayStation Move has a lot of potential, but at the early stage that the product is at, a precise decision is unreliable. Sony should show a better representation at E3 2010 and that is when I’ll make my decision on the new product.

Photos from the event will be uploaded tomorrow.