Repost: 3D Dot Game Heroes Review

A lot of the talk about 3D Dot Game Heroes is that it is a Zelda clone and parallels the original Nintendo title. For someone who never got started with RPGs until the PlayStation One, I couldn’t tell you either way. What I can say is that if 3D Dot Game Heroes is such a strong throwback to the original 8-bit title, then there isn’t any what you can miss this great title.

Atlus USA and From Software have released an RPG that is unlike anything that has been released in years because it doesn’t rely on the visuals to create the draw for the title, it is strictly the presentation overall that makes this one of the titles that can’t be missed.


The story of 3D Dot Game Heroes is the basic Hero saves the day plot from who knows how many other RPGs. The twist to this version is that the precursor to why the world is the way is was, is because people started losing interested in the original 2D world of Dotnia so the King decided that everything would be in 3D. This is all told through the intro to the title and does poke at the era that 3D Dot Game Heroes pulls so much from.

The Look

3D Dot Game Heroes is a bizarre title to look at because while it does push HD and is very apparent that the power of the PlayStation 3 is needed to produce the visuals, it doesn’t look impressive from a strictly graphical standpoint.

It is all the small touches that creates the impressive nature of the title. The whole world is created through blocks from the main character to the stones on the ground. When enemies die, they explode blocks in all directions, propelled by the physics in the title around the entire world.

The simple, but insanely complex world of 3D Dot Game Heroes is a marvel to look at.

The Sound

For a title that uses a similar 8-bit MIDI style sound palate, it is strange to hear the title function in surround sound. There isn’t any dialogue, but sounds of the title are straight out of the 8-bit era. Don’t expect huge explosions in 3D Dot Game Heroes, expect something a lot more subdued, but very well executed.


3D Dot Game Heroes is a very straight-forward RPG. Players will spend time moving from dungeon to dungeon, fighting monsters, and receiving new weapons. A change is the Ancient Sword.

When the player is at full health, the sword is a monster, cleaving through wide and long areas, many multiples larger than the hero himself. The sword can be upgraded to be longer or wider as well as stronger, which is needed later on in the title. Other staples are the boomerang, bombs, and bow-and-arrow; all of which have uses in combat and puzzle solving.

The title is aware of what it is and that is how it continuously remains fun to play.


3D Dot Game Heroes may look like just a face-lift from 8-bit to 3D 8-bit, but since it is based on the foundations of all RPGs since the 1980s, there is the classic feel to the title. It doesn’t rely on anything other than its own merits and awareness that it is an RPG of the classic era. The character editor is one of the best additions to the title, allowing players to create their own hero to use in-game. Creating heroes brick by brick seems daunting, but there is a lot of power in the simplicity of the creation editor.

Considering that some current gamers may not have experienced the original 8-bit Nintendo in its true form, 3D Dot Game Heroes is the best way to see how times have changed, and experience the excellence of From Software.

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