Repost: Dante’s Inferno: The Trials of St. Lucia Review

Electronic Arts and Visceral Games has already released some DLC to compliment their great original release, but like most action titles, DLC usually is placed to fill in some plot holes and expand the story. Beyond that, most action games lose some of their excitement after the first completion.

The Trials of St. Lucia is a different kind of DLC because it allows for players to create challenges to test others in their abilities. So while it doesn’t expand the story this time around, it does create an endless supply of things to do, created by the development team and other players around the world.

The DLC introduces a secondary character, St. Lucia, an Angel who is somewhat of a clone of Dante, though her ability to fly in her attacks does create another level for combinations. But the brunt of the DLC is the ability to create challenges and go through these with a partner.

Challenges are created through using the built-in editor, choosing environments, enemies, health and mana wells, and deciding the factors for each challenge. Enemies can be scaled on health and how much replenishment they give after they’re killed, but a smart move for the challenges is that each level has a specific amount of objects that can be placed in the room. So rooms cannot be filled with top-tier enemies who have maximum health and are basically unbeatable.

Also the editor can assign waves in each room and depending on who creates the challenge, some challenges take a couple minutes and other take time and strategy to complete. The challenges are given rankings depending on how difficult the editor deems them to be as well. The co-op challenges are designated from the beginning, so not all challenges can be co-op, but those that do are usually among the more difficult.

The developers created a series of challenges when the DLC released, but players quickly surpassed that and the challenges have exploded.

Since combat is the same, the only difference here is that Dante or St. Lucia have maxed abilities, though they do not have all the powerups that existed in-game. So even though the duo are powerful, some of the passive enchantments are missing.

In the end, this DLC’s worth is dependent on how much is created by the players. As of now, there are a lot of challenges to attempt and complete, but if the interest wains, then the DLC will fall to the side. It’s a good addition to the title and worth testing your mettle against others.

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