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Repost: Funtoxication Review

Considering the enormous amount of apps on Apple’s App Store, it’s difficult to find an app that covers all the bases for a complete gaming experience. On the other side, there are a lot of technical apps that have other purposes. Funtoxication is an app that goes beyond the normal simple app that is usually seen and is much more catered to the over 21 market share of iPhone and iPod Touch users.

For the simple reason that Funtoxication monitors Blood Alcohol Levels in users, it is imperative to note that this app is for responsible adults who are looking for a general calculation of their possible BAC.

With a simple layout, Funtoxication really caters to ease of use. When starting to use the app, users will create their profile, enter their sex, and weight. From there, three types of alcohol are able to be chosen: Beer, Wine, and Liquor.

The amount of different types of drinks is impressive along with the different amounts ranging from a glass to a pitcher of beer, highlighting the alcohol content. In terms of liquor, it ranges from a single to a three oz double. In the beginning of my experience, it was easy to choose what I had drank; but as the night went on it was a bit more difficult to remember to add drinks.

Funtoxication also includes a time duration, so times between drinks will lower the calculated BOC. The app also includes some mini-games to test reaction skills. From Monkey Bash, which is essentially hit monkey heads coming out of holes, a memory game, and a quick draw game; the mini-games really illustrate how alcohol slows down reaction times.

But the greatest function of the app is the ability to automatically give an option call a cab when BOC is above safe levels. For iPhone users, this addition is both simple and revolutionary because it takes the app out of being a simple casual app to one that could potentially save lives from people drinking while drunk.

While it may seem like a fun casual title, Funtoxication is a smart addition to users, even though the BOC is a calculation and not the exact amount.

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