Repost: God of War III Review

From the start of God of War III, players are thrust into hours of combat and puzzle solving as well as the fitting conclusion to the trilogy that began on PlayStation 2.

Full of one-off mythology and characters from the Greek myths make appearances and at the end of the ten to fifteen hour journey; players will find out just how flawed Kratos was, even with the influence of the Gods above him.


The title begins right after God of War II, Kratos using Gaia as his transport to the top of Mount Olympus. For those who never played the original titles, there is an explanation through a montage before the title begins, giving a hint of what Kratos has been through up to his joint attack. His assisted climb up to Mount Olympus is to conclude with his murder of Zeus who is joined with Hermes, Poseidon, Helios, and Hades.

From the beginning of the title, Kratos’ one-minded mission takes him through Hades, Tartarus, and Mount Olympus. Kratos will find out that all his actions directly affect the Ancient Greek world that he lives in, but his ultimate goal is more important than the impact his actions have.

The Look

Prepared to be amazed by God of War III, not though just the graphics; but the scale of the environments and the huge amount of effects that the title pushes. Even though the title has a fixed camera throughout the title, there wasn’t a moment where anything in the levels were difficult to maneuver or see. The cinematic nature of the title, including close-ups and huge wide angle shots, creates an immersion that is only rivaled by few other titles.

The insane amount of detail on the characters is amazing as well. Just considering Kratos, who carries more detail than most of the original title combined, along with the different enemy types. The larger mini-boss classes like the Centaur, Minotaur, Gorgon, and Cyclops are a treat to look at, especially during the close-up quick-time kills. Lighting effects are among the top as well, especially when using Helios as a lantern.

Each area carries a different theme and even with the linear aspect of the title, nothing was untouched to look the best it could. God of War III carries facial animation on par with Uncharted 2 with believable emotions coming from the faces of the characters, even in death.

The Sound

Expect a gigantic orchestral soundtrack throughout the title. Also expect first tier voice acting that defines each character in their strengths and flaws. Battle combat sounds are familiar, but are heighted and carry a lot more depth. The different weapons that Kratos will use all have their own specific sound and through speakers push the entire spectrum of sound.

The secondary sound effects in various levels are impressive. Depending on the area, echoes and screams of Kratos and the dying of enemies sound different including the different weapons.

God of War III is best heard through surround sound because the excellent soundtrack being pushed through the rear speakers creates a great immersion.


God of War III still uses the same button configuration from the earlier titles. With two attack buttons, jump, and grab on the face buttons and additional attacks and defense on the shoulders through combinations. It’s a system that has worked and been slightly tweaked for this third release, but still feel solid.

Early in the title, enemies AI is simple to defeat through plowing through with sheer attack. But later on in the title, strategy and watching is the only way to survive. Even with the various weapons, the huge amount of enemies will require quick thinking and timing. The bosses in the game and their encounters are among the best in the genre, and even though some of the battles aren’t entirely battles, they still have a lot of weight.

Quick time events are present as always, though the manner of these during the boss battles is even more amazing than they have been before. Honestly, this third iteration of the series has polished everything about the gameplay to the point where it is entirely natural.

There are a couple of instances where the title could possible annoy, but careful strategy can complete these areas without a big problem.

The plot of the title is great which is only accented by the awesome gameplay.


Completing the title will take about ten to fifteen hours depending on how much exploration and moving from area to area is taken. There is a lot of content to work through, and the story never drags so getting through the game is a pleasure more than a chore.

After completing the game, there are challenges to be completed as well as finishing the game on the higher difficulties. Among the extras is a expansive behind-the-scenes documentary that highlights almost every aspect of development. Just expect a lot of f-bombs.

Since God of War III is to be the final title in the series and the first on PlayStation 3, the title does nothing wrong, in fact it’s an example of what can be accomplished on the PlayStation 3 that cannot be done on any other system.

Fan of the series will love every second of play time, and people who never tried the series will experience tons of shock-and-awe.

God of War III is the best end to the trilogy, combining everything that made the series great and improving on it.