Repost: Naughty Bear Review

Considering how much potential Naughty Bear had and how hyped the trailers had me, after playing through the title I’m sad to admit Artificial Mind and Movement missed the mark. What had the makings of a fun, pseudo-violent title ended up being a bunch of challenges with a lack of real focus.

Naughty Bear isn’t what I expected at all.

Check out the trailers inside the review to see basically everything the title offers.


The recognized story of Naughty Bear only follows one tenet: Naughty Bear has been mistreated by the other bears and he decides to take revenge on them.

Beyond this base for the title, the only changes of the story are the introduction of new types of bears; but nothing more of an actual plot.

The Look

Naughty Bear looks old. The visuals of the title don’t have much to gloat about and even considering the title features a bit more cartoonish appearance, there are issues with the graphics.

The main point is that each category of bears looks identical, aside from different color schemes or costumes that look more like character skins than actual costumes. Naughty Bear has a distinct look and his costumes do have a little more detail in them, but there’s not a lot of time where players are looking at him from the front.

A lot of the title is spent hiding, either in bushes or closets, but the collision detection is mainly non-existent. It would have been nice if the foliage moved around Naughty Bear as opposed to him ghosting through everything. Only when attacking other bears or running into environments is there a feeling of boundaries.

Even with the simplistic setting, there could have been some visual shine, but sadly it’s not present.

The Sound

Be prepared for a lot of circus soundtracks, Naughty Bear “Boo!”-ing, and scared bear sounds. Those three are the main sounds that players will hear and it gets old quickly. Even when attacking, other than gunshots, each hit just sounds like punching a pillow. Obviously that makes sense considering the characters, but some variety would have been appreciated.

It just gets stale quickly.


Naughty Bear is a series of mini-games rather than an actual title. Containing a set of levels and challenges inside each, there isn’t much besides racking up points to gain trophies that will open up new levels. Some challenges are not being seen, killing everyone, and time trials.

These three show the lack of polish on the title. Not being seen is nearly impossible unless players stick to the foliage. But attempting to scare other bears usually results in being seen. Killing everyone is usually the end goal for every level. And time trials really have no basis in this type of title.

The lack of a dedicated story led the title to reuse the same environments over and over again, but just adding different objectives which end up become repetitive and boring.

Even the multiplayer is lacking with the different modes doing little to add variety.


Pass on Naughty Bear unless you really want to play the same gameplay mechanic over and over again. There’s nothing beyond the first hour that changes and the repetitive nature of the title starts wearing. Even completing extra objectives and getting Naughty Bear new costumes which give stat boosts or camouflage, it’s not worth the time spent.

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