Repost: Puzzle Quest 2 Review

I had only heard of the Puzzle Quest series before playing Puzzle Quest 2. I knew that it was a puzzle title that included RPG elements in the gameplay, but I wasn’t aware of how much the two genres would meet until I started Puzzle Quest 2.

While the title starts off a little slow, the title offers a very deep gameplay system and one of the most fulfilling puzzle titles I’ve ever played.

On the surface, Puzzle Quest 2‘s appears a little lacking compared to other RPGs, the story itself is a bit forgettable, but once the title finishes teaching players the basics of how the puzzle elements work and presents the more difficult puzzle challenges, the title shines in how developed the puzzles are.

The addition of puzzle system of the title is far more advanced than it looks like on the surface with special attacks needing to be powered up through the actual puzzle system and then used to attack. This gameplay aspect causes players to think more than two steps ahead against enemies, especially when they also have special attacks and abilities.

While Puzzle Quest 2 doesn’t feature the best graphics for the questing during the single player, containing the focus of the title on the gameplay was a good decision, though movement during the quest is a little stagnant and becomes a bit tedious.

Puzzle battles slowly became more difficult as each encounter happened and planning each attack becomes very important for succeeding. Along with the single player, Puzzle Quest 2 feature mini-games that are good practice for the single player quest. Some puzzle utilize similar aspects from the single player, but others require more careful planning to complete. Each of the mini-games feature different difficulties and really prepare players for the higher level encounters that will be faced later on in the single player.

Puzzle Quest 2 presents itself as one of the best puzzle titles for video games right now, and this is a title that players will want as a portable. The utilization of the stylus is designed well and Puzzle Quest 2 is a strong contender as the standard for how puzzle titles do not just have to be about the puzzles. The added gameplay design of the different attacks depending on which character is originally chosen in the beginning of the quest changes the experience and provides for a good amount of replayability.

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