Repost: Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares Review

Lost in Nightmares is the first of the new downloadable content that expands on the story of Resident Evil 5 and will be included in the new Gold Edition releasing after the DLC has hit the PSN and Xbox Live.

Since most players have completed Resident Evil 5, most know the story of Chris Redfield and his experiences with the Umbrella Corporation and how deep their influence went in the world of Resident Evil.


Lost in Nightmares is a lost chapter for Resident Evil 5 and almost a prequel episode for the game proper with Chris Redfield working with Jill Valentine before her disappearance. The duo are assigned to search Ozwell Spencer’s mansion hideaway and find out more of the history of the Umbrella corporation and Spencer himself.

The plot is a straight-forward reconnaissance mission that requires the pair to explore the mansion and find out as much information as possible.

The Look

The DLC uses the same engine as the original and there aren’t any surprises here. If you played any of Resident Evil 5, you know what to expect. The mansion is a small throwback to the original mansion in Resident Evil and some old memories appeared here and there.

The Sound

Again, the same engine fuels the sound, and the series rich creepy audio peeks its way in Lost in Nightmares. The mansion setting provides with a lot of ambient noise and the setup of tense moments is successful.


The slightly improved control scheme is still here, though remains annoying with the requirement to plant your feet to fire. Small puzzles appear here and there, but for the most part, Lost in Nightmares is a linear point A to point B piece. The DLC only clocks in around an hour, though the end of Lost in Nightmares makes up for the short story. It was nice to see Valentine back in her old gear, but deciding to give her a hat instead of her beret was a little disappointing.

Lost in Nightmares does poke fun at Resident Evil and it is more of a fan service than full episode. It’s fun, but not very fleshed out.


Lost in Nightmares is more for players who started with the original title. With the short playtime, there isn’t a lot to see, and the background information is something that could have been placed in Resident Evil 5 rather than the DLC.

It’s a short journey, but does have it’s moments. Finding out some of the history of where the virus emerged from is cool and the discovery of what happened to Jill Valentine fleshes out the story well, but by itself, the DLC isn’t something that most will need to play. For those who haven’t played Resident Evil 5, waiting for the Gold Edition is a better bet.

Review copy provided for review purposes