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Repost: Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Review

Prior to purchasing an iPad, I had been looking for a stylus that would possibly be a good add-on to help with the bigger screen. Being interested in the sketching programs and the possibility of using the iPad for a notepad, I searched around and found Ten One Design.

They were nice enough to send me a Pogo Sketch to try out, and I’ve been using it for a couple months now, my review was postponed until after E3 2010, to get more of a feel of how it would respond during real-world use.

Much like it’s name, the Pogo Sketch is like a pencil or small ballpoint pen. Featuring a clip and small nub to interact with the screen, it feels very comfortable during use, even long periods of time. While I feel it’s a little too large for the compatible iPhone and iPod Touch, it is perfect for the landscape of the iPad.

By using a small bit of pressure, the response of the Pogo Sketch on the main screen of the iPad is smooth. But the real test is with the apps that really use the durability of the stylus.

I use Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro for more involved art and I can’t imagine using my finger to create with anymore. While the app does have a small delay in the response time, the Pogo Sketch makes using the iPad almost the same as paper. It allowed for precise hatching and general sketching. It feels just like a pencil and the exactness possible was great.

The second drawing app I use is LiveSketch HD. A bit more casual, the stylus is more responsive in that which could be because of the smaller options set that the app has. But again, the response time and precision is excellent.

I also used a notepad app called Penultimate. It is basically a notepad on the iPad. Previously trying to use my finger created illegible words, but with the Pogo Sketch, it was easy to write notes and make lists during the events that I attended during E3 2010.

The Pogo Sketch is best for art and note taking rather than a simple stylus like on a PDA. It is durable enough for everyday use and greatly increases the precision necessary for novice and expert artists. While a lot of the control is based on the app the Pogo Sketch is being used with, it is a great product for iPad users. iPhone and iPod Touch users may find some use for the Pogo Sketch, but the entire potential isn’t realized on the smaller screens.

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