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Repost: The Red Star Review

The Red Star had an interesting history before it hit the PlayStation Portable. It was originally released on the PlayStation 2 after a long string of development issues and missed release dates.

When it hit PlayStation 2 in the wake of the release of the PlayStation 3, most players didn’t hear much about it with the media blitz focused on Sony’s new console.

The PSP version is a port of that title, retaining much from the PS2 version and letting players know of a title that they probably missed the first time out.

The Plot

The Red Star is based off the old Christan Gossett comic series about three Russian revolutionaries who are fighting against the establishment. The title takes a lot of hints from the Cold War and the use of propaganda, but the title actually takes place in a near future with robots and VTOL planes.

Mainly a 3D side scrolling title, The Red Star does use the camera and levels to produce different perspectives during gameplay. It’s not unusual for the title to use an overhead or rear third-person camera, all with smooth camera pans.

The Look

Even though The Red Star is a decidedly PS2 title, it does hold up well in the port on the smaller screen. It does have some blocky textures and sometimes its age shows its head, but most of the time The Red Star produces enough action and explosions to keep things interesting.

The characters move throughout the environment, some of which look pre-rendered and some that are in-game. The models are detailed enough to give a sense of mass and personality as well.

The Sound

Along with a good soundtrack, The Red Star does use voice acting here and there plus the usual explosions that would be expected of a title like this. It’s nothing truly amazing, but it provides well enough for the title.


The mixture of the side scrolling and 3D environments makes for an interesting gameplay experience. Add in the three playable characters and the possibility of upgrading weapons and The Red Star provides a nice chunk of action for the title.

Even with the age, The Red Star holds up well and it is also a throwback to older side scrolling titles, something the genre left a while ago.


Even for a port, The Red Star is a title that most people probably missed because it game during the beginning of the PS3 cycle. On the PlayStation Portable, it provides a missing genre on the handheld and the missions are quick enough to keep things interesting.

It’s a title that may not appeal to a lot of players, but it is something that is worth the purchase, outside of the idea of nostalgia.