Repost: Zen Pinball: Earth Defense Review

It’s difficult to really review something that isn’t a true video game title, but is actually a simulation of something in real life. Zen Pinball: Earth Defense is a new downloadable table to Zen Studios Zen Pinball adding another themed table to the PSN title.

Zen Pinball: Earth Defense retains the appearance of an actual pinball table including the bright lights and accurate sound effects. Using the Dual Shock 3 is a fun treat because there is that tactile feeling of playing even though it’s all a simulation. With the motion control, it is possible to bump the table and actually create the “Tilt” error that many veteran pinball players know about.

The high definition graphics of Zen Pinball: Earth Defense looks amazing and the animation is smooth without any noticeable issues. The bumpers shoot the ball around the enclosed space with a great realism, and the simulation aspect is probably the closest that one can get from a digital representation. The table has various areas for high points and like real tables, there is an actual strategy to gaining the most points.

The audio also shines pushing the clean audio of the table action with the slightly distorted noise from the various places where the ball strikes. The bumpers have that expected plastic and metal click and overall, there’s nothing unexpected, which is a big plus.

Zen Pinball: Earth Defense is not a translation of the game, it’s a total simulation with a themed table. While mainly an inbetween title, Zen Pinball: Earth Defense provides a more relaxing gameplay than other titles on the PlayStation 3. Though for most people, it’s not something that they will actively search for, but Zen Pinball: Earth Defense has another area of gaming that shouldn’t be ignored.