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Repost: Fairytale Fights Review

Fairytale Fights is a straight-forward side 3-D side scroller featuring four cast out characters from the fairytale genre. With gallons of blood and weapons a plenty, one would think that this game would be a lot of fun and never get repetitive.

Unfortunately for this title, the game suffers from a lot of issues that should have been caught early on.

What Fairytale Fights does right is the setting and graphics. Using various locations from the children’s books, the game takes place in a variety of environments and circumstances that look good and feel deep. The levels aren’t simple foreground and background, there is a nice draw distance so the world is realized in a nice lush way.

The story is interesting enough, the four forgotten fairytale characters are on a mission to bring back notice to themselves by helping other known characters and stopping evil that is causing havoc in the Fairytale Kingdom.

Control of the character is mainly though the two analog sticks, the left analog moves the character while the right analog is for combat. Moving the stick in different directions creates different combat actions, but isn’t direction specific. Combinations are easily created and depending on which type of weapon used, either blunt or sharp, enemies will fall dead or fall into pieces.

Unfortunately, the basics of the game do not carry throughout the rest of the title. The basic gameplay for the game is to work through highly detailed, but extremely linear levels killing everything in sight. While it was fun at first, it felt like playing the same levels with different environment skins. There wasn’t much to differentiate levels from one another.

Some levels were designed so unfairly towards gameplay. In a middle level, I had to maneuver through a race track with cars passing, but when I was run over (instant death) and respawned, a brand new car would run me over again. It became a frustrating moment where I wondered why a level would be created this way.

Platforming in the title should have been removed since the game plays in a two-dimension form with three-dimensional movement, but jumping over water required a much more precise control scheme than what was in the game.

A dedicated lock-on would have helped immensely because enemies pour at you in later levels, and haphazardly moving the right analog does do damage, but more often locks the character into a combo animation and allowed enemies to kill me. And considering blunt objects are useless in the game against crowds, finding sharp weapons becomes priority before getting killed over and over. Ranged enemy attack triumph against the character and blocking is useless.

There are also graphic and physics glitches. In a tower level, I fell off a ledge and should have died, but I slowly clipped my way to the bottom of the level and then my character died.

One aspect of the game that I really don’t understand is why the game did not feature a load/save game feature. Loading the game goes straight into the menu screen and there isn’t a place to load the game from as it loaded before I entered the hub. During my first playthough, I started the game to find that my save game file had been lost while my profile data was still intact causing me to have to restart from the beginning of the game.

Fairytale Fights could have been a fun party game since it allows for four people to play together, but the nagging issues with the game and the repetitive nature of it really make the game more unplayable than even bearable. Playlogic should have done more QA with the game beyond just the technical and found if the gameplay as it stands could work for the amount of time it took to complete it.

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