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Repost: Zombie Tycoon Review

Zombie Tycoon is the first PSPMini title that I had the chance to play. With the comparison to Apple iTunes App Store, I was hoping not to expect the bloatware that mainly exists on Apple’s service. Thankfully, Zombie Tycoon is a nice pickup and play title that moves quickly and has enough style to keep it interesting, even if the gameplay does get a little repetitive.

The main focus of Zombie Tycoon is to complete various assigned missions using teams of zombies. The three zombie teams are assigned to the triangle, circle, and square button with the X button used as an “all call.” By attacking hospitals, new zombies can be added to existing teams to help complete the missions.

From a visual standpoint, Zombie Tycoon looks impressive considering the 54 mb size of the game. The zombies aren’t hugely detailed, but the character maps have just enough gore. After capturing various buildings or killing humans, different items are dropped and can be equipped on the zombies, increasing their abilities.

From the three/forths or top/down perspective the important parts of the map can be seen along with the shoulder buttons which can scroll through the three zombie teams. There were times when I had to watch all three teams in different sections of the map and it became a little frustrating because the action in the game doesn’t really let up to work strategy or regroup. One mistake can cost the whole mission.

Zombie Tycoon is a good example of an early PSPMini title. It feels complete and is fun, but still has some repetitive gameplay elements that make the game a little stale later on.

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