Vindictus Beta Opens 10/13/10

Nexon America has announced that the open beat for Vindictus will being October 13, 2010 for North America. Based off the Source Engine, the open beta will include new content for those who have Early Access to Open Beta.

The new content is a new dungeon called Ainle, accessible from dock three. The open beta will also allow players to customize avatars, with deeper customization options, fishing, and a level 38 cap.

Early Access to Open Beta ends October 5, 2010 at 10:00 PST, but players interested in the open beta can head here.

In the Early Access to Open Beta, players experienced the cold in Hoarfrost Hollow. By using the campfire feature, available through Kristie, player’s health is improved while provided a buff for attack and defensive skills. The campfire kits also come with an anvil, allowing players to repair damaged equipment. But campfires can only be build one per dungeon and provide no defense from enemies.

Look at some screens from the beta and the campfire inside.