God of War: Ghost of Sparta Review

God of War ended for me with God of War III. I played the first on PS2, beat Chains of Olympus, and was blown away with the scale of III. Ghost of Sparta moves back to the time between GOW I and GOW II, when Kratos has assumed the role of the God of War, but still is looking for answers.

The title quickly establishes the story of Kratos looking for this brother, Deimos; a clever storyline that is easily added into canon without effecting the already established story.

Players are introduced to his mother and find out small parts of Kratos’ life before he was branded with the ashes of his wife and daughter.

Ghost of Sparta being the second iteration of the series on the PlayStation Portable, there are a lot of advances in the presentation. First, the title looks better than Chains of Olympus. Kratos looks more detailed, the enemies have more small touches in their character skins, and the world feels more realistic.

Though a lot of the time, Kratos is living and wandering through darker areas, the lighting effects are outstanding along with the gameplay remaining the same with the addition of a couple more button combinations for new abilities, Ready to Play ued their previous knowledge and presented what a sequel should be.

Besides the title being a sequel, it shows that the PlayStation Portable has enough on the inside to illustrate that knowledge of the system can produce impressive results.

Ghost of Sparta does pull a bit from God of War III, but the influence only helps to bring more to the experience.

The only real point of annoyance is the continual drive of collecting new abilities to use during specific encounters until enough are collected to assault the end boss. I would have preferred that Kratos have more powers in the beginning so players could learn to use them in conjunction for more difficult enemies.

Being another linear title, there might be lagging to some who prefer more open-world experiences, but considering the series has some four previous games, fans know what they’re getting into already.

This PSP title is among one of the best for the system and a must-buy for God of War fans, PSP owners, and especially PSPGo players because playing Chains of Olympus to Ghost of Sparta is a great game-to-game experience.

Ready at Dawn again develop a must-have PSP title

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