Killzone 3 Beta Impressions

Having played a good amount of hours with Killzone 2’s multiplayer being shot in the head and bum-rushed by various screaming players; I find multiplayer to be a bit of a crap shoot when it comes to good experiences.

The beta for Killzone 3 is an interesting evolution for the series, piggy-backing the good points of the earlier multiplayer adding more visuals, even with the beta being an alpha version of the title.

The arctic base was the map that I was placed on the most and the experience on was both what I expected and had a few good unexpected things.

The beta still has the ranking system by points reaching higher classes and gaining unlock points that can be used to purchase new weapons, skills, and attributes.

Personally my playing style is much more technical and supportive than an infantry grunt and the beta allowed for the play style. I prefer to follow behind a group and either heal or repair turrets and weapon caches.

That was one unknown gameplay addition, having to repair weapon caches that could only be used by your specific side. A secondary skill was being able to create turrets. The turrets were interesting because rather than have a 45 degree sight, the turret used a 360 degree sight system to cover a large area.

In the arctic map, it focused on one-on-one corridor or running across open areas which lead to chance encounters and quick melee attacks, one of the more smaller but impressive additions.

Melee is much more than the usual gun-butt-to-head, it adds different small animations from shoving a knife into a neck, to a behind the back silent assassination, to my favorite being two thumbs into the eye sockets of the Helghast.

From Killzone 2 to Killzone 3, there looks to be a lot of improvements and tweaks to make the multiplayer portion a lot more engaging and open, allowing for novice (if they still even exist) FPS players the ability to learn.

It does require some split-second timing and nerves, but finding your particular specialty, whether it be infantry, technician, or sniper wl greatly help the team you’re playing in and your experience overall.