Quantum Theory Review

Quantum Theory has long been recognized as a Japanese approach to Western gaming.

The obvious comparison has been to Gears of War with a much different art style, and showed a lot of potential when I saw it at E3 2009 and this past E3 2010. But when I actually sat and played through the title, I found one main problem with the title that stops a lot of the appreciation: it plays way too slow.

In terms of the visual style, Quantum Theory is again a mixture of an Eastern take on Western styles with male characters bulking beyond normal capacity and females wearing a lot less armor than they should be. The futuristic post-apocalyptic world in the beginning transfers to a bit more organic style in the tower. It looks appealing enough, though a bit repetitive in both cases.

I would have to say, even though the enemy character design is interesting, it is a bit stale because of the modeling used. Otherwise, the title has enough to look at.

Audio is what is to be expected for a third person shooter. Guns, echoes, and explosions accent the title. C-movie voice acting shines through with great effect, much like a war movie that can’t decide if the main character is a hero or the black sheep waiting to show his true colors.

Where Quantum Theory is very average is the actual third person shooting gameplay that doesn’t flow from point to point. The cover system is very close to the experience that one can have with Gears of War, the rush animation looks uncomfortable, and precise aiming doesn’t truly exist. Most of the weapons are automatic and have horrible range; much like shooting from cover is useless unless someone is about to melee which also serves little purpose.

Essentially, playing through the title feels like it is the concept for the title. Amongst the bevy of loading screens, hints are given about enemies or progression through levels, but most are useless because the majority of the title is spent crouched in cover while still being hit by projectiles attempting to precisely aim and not waste bullets.

The idea of Quantum Theory held a lot of potential and seeing it over the years in development led me to believe that it would be a good mixture of Eastern development and Western visuals; but ended up being an average clone.

It’s an average game. Not so much bargain bin, but not worth playing new

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