Trion Worlds wants Veterans in Rift

Trion Worlds is celebrating the Veterans of the Armed Forces by offering a VIP giveaway for Rift.

Rift, a new MMORPG, is about players trying to maintain peace in Telara, while “rifts” around the world tear reality and bring powerful enemies into the world.

To Enter, there are three ways – Head to one of these three places

1: Rift site

2. Rift Twitter

3. Rift Facebook

Post a picture in uniform and something related to Rift: Planes of Telara
(easy suggestions – Rift on a piece of paper, print of official site, or Rift forums open on a monitor in the picture)

From 11/11/10 – 11/14/10, Trion Worlds will accept entries. After the close, Trion Worlds will have a random drawing and award 25 VIP beta keys per Rift Forums, Twitter, and Facebook.