Vanquish Review

Players should prepare to not blink much while playing Vanquish. While the title begins with bigger arena type areas, the title progresses into smaller venues, still maintaining a high paced title with an interesting story and B-movie cutscenes.

From trailers and screens, Vanquish looks like it focuses on slow-motion speed sliding around areas pinpointing enemies and taking headshot after headshot. In reality, the title is a very strategic third person shooter that uses all the elements of gameplay into a very slick, action-forward title that never seems to stop pumping droves of enemies into your sights.

Vanquish provides layers with a good set of weapons, from the trusty assault rifle, heavy machine gun, and shotgun in the start of the title – to rocket launchers, a four shot laser with lock-on, and other strange, but awesome guns. Along with a set of grenades and EMP mines, Sam is given all the equipment he needs to succeed in his missions.

It’s strange how Vanquish presents itself, because rather than a straight forward third person shooter, it breaks the title down into missions with rankings based on how many shots, how many squad members have been healed or died, and other more intricate things that don’t matter so much. One of the more fun statistics included was how long players slide around the level.

Weapons can be upgraded by finding green upgrade boxes, and it upgrades the weapon that you are currently holding. Personally, I used the assault rifle the most and had a pretty high level before realizing that my heavy machine gun was still in the first levels.

The title has great visuals, with a lot of action on the screen at one time. I imagine the slow-motion sliding mechanic helps the title keep a good framerate. But either way, the title never stops pushing high quality images into your eyes.

On the audio side, the title does best with surround sound. Considering Sam runs, slides, and jumps all around levels, enemies fire from all angle which can be heard through the speakers easily. The voice acting is very much a B-movie, pulling quotes from 80s era films as well. There are more options for audio, but the title does well with English so it’s not necessary.

For gameplay, the title delivers good action, jumping from intense to strategic with boss encounters becoming more than just camp-and-aim. I was surprised on even when there weren’t many enemies on-screen, I would still jump around and find better angles.

Since life is based off the heat emission of the suit, keeping it cool determines life and death. Sliding and any type of slow-motion mechanic heats up the suit and using melee kills the suit. Once overheated finding cover or constantly moving will help the suit cool allowing players to use the accelerating abilities.

Once completing the title, there are a number of challenges that players can attempt, but outside of the single player, only playing on a higher difficulty awaits.

Vanquish is the last title from Platinum Games and one of the top third person shooters for the PlayStation 3.

Buy it, for the simple reason that it’s all about action

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