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Superstars V8 Racing Review

When it comes to downloadable titles, the normal expectation is either a smaller, more focused title or an update of a previously released title re-developed for the online market. The strange thing about Superstars V8 Racing is that the title meets in between the retail release and DLC title, even though it is a PSN release.

With the focus of the title all about realistic racing, which the title does well, the pacing of the title is more for the racing enthusiast rather than the casual player. In some ways, the setup of how racing is experienced is slower than other racing titles with practice rounds and tuning as opposed to being sent straight into the ranked race.

But when it comes to players who want to be able to control many of the fine aspects of their race car, Superstars V8 Racing has more than enough to offer. The unfortunate release in the same quarter as Gran Turismo 5 shows the big difference between both titles in that Superstars V8 Racing focus on the Superstar series by FGSPORT. The focus works well in presenting the title with ten tracks, teams, and online multiplayer; but outside of players who are interested in the Superstar series; there isn’t much in pick-up-and-play.

Though Milestone, developer, created a top-notch experience with their simulation gameplay, the cars handle with a certain amount of precision around the tracks with careful driving, unless novices think that drifting is possible around hairpins. The arcade is much more forgiving, but there is still an amount of care needed to take the first position.

Visually, the title looks good though a little bland with consideration it’s racing title on tracks, but the overall environmental effects do make a it a pretty sight. The UI is more or less the standard with variable vantage points, like inside the cab or third-person so the expectations there shouldn’t be huge. Audio-wise, it does have the standard sound effects that racing titles have and the soundtrack is a decent addition.

The only problem with the title is that it doesn’t have the draw for most other racing titles have and it markets towards a smaller subsection of the racing genre. At $19.99 it’s a steal for what it offers, but once that’s completed, there isn’t much more to experience.

A solid racing title for the PSN, though it might be missed by most people

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