Crysis 2 Multiplayer Preview

I was invited by Electronic Arts to get a hands-on impression for the multiplayer of Crysis 2. Since I’m currently playing Crysis on PC to get a sense of what the series is like, I happily agreed to head out to San Francisco to experience CryEngine 3 and Crysis 2.

It would have been nice to have actually been on the guest list since I RSVP’d, but that’s life.

With the new engine, Crytek was both showing off the engine on Xbox 360 and giving a taste of the start of multiplayer. After a quick presentation, instructing on how the title worked, the different modes (the standard deathmatch are included as well as some interesting new modes), leveling (there are 50 stages of levels), and the five classes (Assault, Scout, Sniper, Gunner, Custom); the media was given leave to play.

The demo consisted of four maps, Skyline (available in the Xbox 360 exclusive demo), a night parking garage urban environment, a water-front tourist area, and another daylight urban environment.

The base levels of each character are very basic. Players start with the Assault class, gaining XP to open new classes and eventually weapons and add-ons. There wasn’t enough time to customize characters too much, more of unlocking classes and getting a feel for each one.

While most of the multiplayer feels standard, the success is going to be who you’re playing with and how customized the character class is. At standard levels, most of the time, it was blind luck for a head shot or using stealth to kill. It’s a turkey shoot when teams are not working together.

But get a team who communicate and have a variety of customized classes and battles will become more strategic and interesting. I played about twenty minutes of multiplayer and came away wanting more, but having the ability to perform the way I play which is more support than assault; which wasn’t very possible.

Crysis 2’s multiplayer is going to offer a lot, but only after opening newer levels will the longevity really be seen.