MapleStory and Cake vs Pie

Nexon America has started their Cake vs Pie Event.
Find out more inside.

The delectable Cake vs. Pie event has returned to MapleStory this week, and this time some serious prizes are up for grabs. Cake Boss Daniel and Pie Lord Tiara are back with a vengeance, and MapleStory players level 10 and above can now try their hand at competing for limited edition MapleStory 6th Anniversary loot.

The melee begins when players are randomly assigned to the “Cake” faction or “Pie” faction. After being assigned to a team, players can collect different pieces of cake or pie to exchange for an invitation to join the battle in the host towns of Henesys, Orbis, Magatia, and Leafre. Once players accept the invitation, teams of five will battle to gain control of the town. The team that defeats the boss or defends the town during the duration of the timed battle will win control of that town and reap the spoils of war.

When the confectionary chaos is completed, the victors will receive a set number of MapleStory 6th Anniversary Insignias, special discounts, and bonus EXP. Insignias can be exchanged for prizes that range from unique weapons to limited edition items like a Cake vs. Pie weapon and the 6th Anniversary chair. Controlling the town will also grant winners access to Sweet Cake Hill, which unlocks three mini dungeons for players to explore.