Nexon America & Starlight Children’s Foundation Fundraiser

This is a crazy fundraiser between Nexon America and Starlight Children’s Foundation.

For one year, Nexon America will be selling an in-game item called the Starlight Scepter, beginning on November 17, 2010.

The item is priced at $4.00, of which 50% will go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Also on iTunes, Nexon America is giving 100% of the sale of the Mabinogi Soundtrack to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. With Apple’s breakdown, the Foundation will receive $0.35.

More information can be found at the Starlight Children’s Foundation or Mabinogi sites.


Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: GameStop’s & Kongregate’s Community Challenge

GameStop is hyping another big name title, but this time it is Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. In conjunction with, GameStop have announced a community challenge where participants could win an Xboxx 360 and a copy of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood along with the exclusive GameStop Harlequin multiplayer character.

When you complete the first three levels of Ultimate Assassin 2, participants gain the Harlequin Ticket (entry into the drawing) and the Harlequin Icon, an exclusive icon next to the Kongregate avatar.

Head over to Kongregate’s Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood page to enter the contest and read all the fine details.

The challenge runs until November 16, 2010 – the release date of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood


Super Scribblenauts Pre-Launch Event Photos

Yesterday in Los Angeles, Warner Bros Interactive hosted a pre-launch event for Super Scribblenauts at a GameStop allowing fans to purchase the title a couple days before its October 12, 2010 launch.

The sequel to the award winning title, the second entry in the series looks to expand the gameplay by adding an adjective system and upgraded controls.


GameStop announces Call of Duty: Black Ops Surprize Attack Sweepstakes

Once again, GameStop has started another sweepstakes with the latest Call of Duty title, Call of Duty: Black Ops. From now until November 9, 2010, fans of the series can go to GameStop’s Surprize Attack page, to win prizes and find out more about the title.

More information is inside.



Medal of Honor Multiplayer Preview

On September 23, 2010, Electronic Arts invited me to get a hands-on preview of the multiplayer component of Medal of Honor. While I did play during the beta on PlayStation 3, I felt there needed to be a bit of balancing for this part of the title that was being developed by DICE.

From the outset, Electronic Arts had opened all of the eight levels for impressions. The visuals didn’t look too different from the beta, though things did look sharper here and there with a bit more detail. But another stark issue appeared when playing the title and that was the difficulty to differentiate between friendlies and enemies.

The actual gameplay wasn’t that far removed from what I experienced before during the beta, though levels seemed a little tighter and almost a bit linear in forcing the two sides to encounter each other in specific places.

Another problem that wasn’t in the beta, but showed up during my time with the multiplayer was that the movement felt sluggish. That could have been an issue with the linked PlayStation 3’s, but even changing the sensitivity of the controls didn’t do much.

But the multiplayer overall felt very solid, each of the weapons of the three classes all seem to have their uses depending on the style of play. It is going to take some time to get use to the new maps and how this multiplayer feels compared to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but it should still interest a lot of DICE fans.


Repost: E3 2010: Nyko

I ventured into Nyko’s booth during E3 not really knowing what to expect from the accessory maker. Since they make accessories for pretty much every system, what would they want to show during the event?

It was something I wasn’t expecting: the PlayStation 3 Raven controller.