Deep Silver is Publishing Winter Stars

Deep Silver has announced that it will be publishing 49 Games’ Winter Stars. The title supports all the major motion controllers and looks to be more of a party title, even though the single player features a career system and developmental gameplay elements.
The revealed sports are: snowmobiles, bobsledding, downhill skiing, figure skating, biathlon, free ride skiing, snowboard cross, ski jumping, paraskiing, curling, and short-track.


TRON: Evolution Review (Mini)

For all the hype of TRON: Legacy and the supported hype with TRON: Evolution; I found a great distance between the two products. I felt the movie was a bit too much style over substance in regards to the original 80s movie.

With TRON: Evolution, I felt the same thing: style over substance. The title looked pretty and moved well, but it felt like everything was too visually polished without creating a deep connection with the source material. Combat is more about jumping around, looking for energy to use against stronger enemies, and focusing on parkour rather than platforming.

It might be fun as a rental, but as a full title especially one connected to a large release, it shows again that related properties usually don’t succeed.


The Sly Collection Review (Mini)

Sony has been smart on bringing some of their well known first party titles of the PlayStation 2 to the PlayStation 3 remastered in HD. Considering only the first generation of the PS3 is capable of playing PS2, and the up-convert of some of those titles were less than stellar, the proper remastering of these classic titles is a bonus for younger players who haven’t played some of the better PS2 titles and older players who want to experience older titles again.

Sony also was brilliant in bringing The Sly Cooper Collection to the PS3. The trilogy of titles still provides some of the best platforming of the PlayStation 2. The cell-shaded graphics have the same pop that they did when the titles originally released and overall, the titles remain the classics that they were back in the day.

But the smartest idea of Sony’s was including PlayStation Move support and 3D compatibility all for the same intro price of $39.99. It’s one of the best deals for a family: three full titles, PS Move support, and 3D gaming.

The Sly Collection is a great starter for a family with a PS3 and even greater with the PS Move

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Killzone 3 Screens


LittleBigPlanet 2 Video Batch



2010 Year End Summary

2010 has been a solid year for releases as well as new hardware. There was at least one strong release each month, with other months being bum-rushed with a lot of excellent titles. With the beginning of December upon us, there aren’t many more titles releasing during the Christmas holiday season, many big games waiting until after the season and releasing in the first part of the new year.

The PlayStation Move and Kinect released, both of which I’m interested in seeing the progression of the titles, but have no real interest in playing. I’m not a big fan of motion control gaming, preferring using the DualShock 3 or Xbox Controller to the Move or Kinect and even the Motion Controller of the Nintendo Wii.

Digital Downloads and DLC flourished a lot more this year, showing that the format is viable to games, though the DRM of the systems do get a little annoying. The idea of purchasing online passes for games (Hi EA), is something that’s fighting against used sales, an argument that has good basis on both sides.

Some people don’t know, but I moved from to start this site, taking more control over my work and what I want my site to be. It’s been almost six months and I still enjoy it, but it does take a lot of time out of the day.

I appreciate anyone who reads the site, whether it be through Google Search, a random link, or suggestion by a friend. This site will probably never be as big as others, and considering I work alone, occasionally getting help from past writing friends, thank you for reading.

The titles I’m mentioned are ones that I personally played, so if I’m missing a big title, it’s probably because I wasn’t able to play it.

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