Dragon Age II is Obviously Better than Dragon Age: Origins

When I started playing Dragon Age: Origins, I didn’t know that I would be sucked into the story and gameplay. It happened again with Bioware’s expansion, Awakening. While my personal preference is more sci-fi with RPGs, I thoroughly enjoyed the medieval carnage offered in the Dragon Age universe.

Going back a year ago, I remember seeing a card that all but confirmed a sequel was in the making. It seems like such a short time, and now with the release only a month away, Electronic Arts saw fit to show off a demo for Dragon Age II.

Holy shit.



Penny Arcade + Dragon Age II = Awesome

Bioware and Penny Arcade have revealed a second partnership for the Dragon Age universe. Penny Arcade creators Mike Krahulick and Jerry Holkins created an in-game item that will have a part of Dragon Age II.

Called Hindsight, this belt was designed by the pair and they have created a motion comic telling of the belt’s history, which can be viewed here.

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