Two Worlds II Review

RPG titles are some of the most difficult titles to place a lot of commitment to. The first hour sets up the basic plot and characters while much of the rest of the title works to secure the story and tie in all the various elements together while using gameplay to bring a cohesive experience to the player.

For Topware Interactive’s Two Worlds II, the title stumbles a bit in the beginning; but expands and allows a lot more freedom than other recent RPG titles that have been released.

Two Worlds II consists of one main strength and one main weakness, which in some ways parallel each other and allow one to gain momentum over the other as the title plays itself out.



Two Worlds II Big Sword Pre-Order

GameStop has some interesting pre-orders bonuses for Two Worlds II. The first if the Luciendar sword and the second is the Labyrinth, only accessible through the pre-order. The new area adds two to three hours of gameplay.


Two Worlds II Sordahon’s Journey Episode 6


Two Worlds II Dev Diary One


Two Worlds II Greatness

So SouthPeak Games has passed on the boxshots for Two Worlds II and while they’re all the same, I chose to show the PS3 version.

SouthPeak Games has also announced a bonus for pre-orders in the way of an additional $10.00 before the January 25. 2011 release and a Sordahon’s Journey shirt that reads “Yeah, I like to Kill.”

For the additional $10.00, that’s in the form of a mail-in rebate that requires the receipt of purchase or pre-order. These can also be stacked on any other offer that retailers are offering.